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Ana from Colorado Springs wrote:

Someone asked me if the milk was worth the price: Absolutely, all the products are great! Furthermore, when the weather gets bad and you can’t get out of your driveway. I know I can always count on my delivery person for bread, eggs, milk (essentials) and more!!! I hated milk until I tried Royal Crest Dairy (who also let me try a few to figure out which one I wanted since I only drink 1%, and it’s delicious!) for the last 17 years. I started the service for my then, 7yr old daughter who has since served in the Marines and is now married!!! Milk delivery is SO vital for senior citizens who may not want to drive in poor conditions.

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Christina from Aurora stated:

I absolutely love Royal Crest Dairy and the awesome delivery person, I’ve been with you since forever and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, I love you all!

We thank Georgianna Leisure for her handwritten feedback:

Georgianna L

In the Royal Post Winter edition you asked for comments of our experience with Royal Crest. In 1969 my family moved to the Denver area from out of state. Mom, Dad, 3 grade school age children and another due in August. Dad had bought a house in April and was living in it with only the very barest of furnishings. Fruniture would arrive several days later. Kenny, I believe his name was, had red hair if memory is correct, stopped by the day after our arrival to see if we would like home delivery of milk. We would but refrigerator not here yet, and being in June, no way to keep it cool. For several days he delivered milk to us, had a box of ice to keep it cool until our refrigerator arrived. Except for a brief interruption, I have been a very happy customer since then. All of the delivery people have been just as good as Kenny was. (I hope I remembered his name correctly).

- Georgianna Leasure


Rachel from Parker
Linda G.
Linda came to supply us with our free sample and gave us info. She was great!

We were excited to talk about the products and Royal Crest Dairy. She gave us several samples that we will now be ordering. She didn't 'sell' the product; she just talked with us. It was fun!

Mrs. Dye called and wanted to let Royal Crest Dairy know "You still make the best egg nog in the world!"

Ashley from Denver posted on FaceBook:

Best. Milk. Ever. So creamy, fresh and delicious! We order the 2% and it isn’t watery like the super market milk, it also has a better flavor!! Every item we have gotten has been of such high quality;from the pumpkin spice egg nog to the chocolate chunk cookie dough. We absolutely love this service!

Cindy from Aurora posted a five star rating on Yelp:

We are on our second month of deliveries and have no complaints. I didn’t meet our delivery driver but my husband said he was a nice guy, he drives by and waves. Our order is always correct and the products are tasty. I LOVE Royal Crest Dairy milk. For my family and I the taste and the convenience are worth the extra cost!


Royal Crest Dairy reserves the sole right to review, edit and summarize customer feedback based on space availability and content. We very much appreciate you sharing your comments with us.

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