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We've joined Facebook!  Please enjoy a few of the comments we've recently received!

Kelly from Centennial reviewed us on Facebook:

Just signed up for this service. Excited to start getting deliveries. Shout out to Bill who got us signed up today – he did an amazing job telling us about the service and the products.

Susan from Arvada emailed us:

Should have done this years ago, but I have to tell you that your customer service people are definitely the best I have ever dealt with. Unfailingly polite and cheerful, conversations with them are often the high point of my day! (Work at home, gets lonely, but still…) Today I spoke with both Mike and Maria, both of whom through their kindness and pleasant attitudes left me feeling much better about what had been a pretty lousy day. I also really appreciate that in all the years I have been a customer, you have NEVER gotten an order wrong or missed one! If other companies (and government, and politicians, for that matter) offered your superior performance and service, the world would be a much better place. My family and I thank you -- and all your employees -- so very much.

Customer for life, Susan

P.S. Your products all taste really good, too!

Sharon from Denver called in:

“I want you to know how wonderful our service is, you have the best tasting milk!” Sharon has had Royal Crest Dairy since she was a little girl, and she is now 75 years young. She said, “Thank you for being such a wonderful dairy.”

Janyce from Pueblo reviewed us on Facebook:

Excellent products. Only milk I will use. Customer service is the absolute best. I have been a customer for 8 years and plan on many more.

Julia from Littleton reviewed us on Yelp:

Royal Crest makes my life so much easier. Big shout out to the extremely kind and informative sales guys – Ben – he knows his milk and the company inside and out.

Jill from Arvada reviewed us on Yelp:

Been a customer for years. Great customer service!!! It is the first thing my out of town guests as for “your good milk”. Feel like I get to live farm to table thanks to everyone’s hard work.

Lori from Colorado Springs gave us a shout out on her Facebook group:

I have to give a huge shout out to Royal Crest Dairy. I’ve always had great experiences with them but this one really topped them all. Last week I had to call them because I had forgotten my delivery and let it spoil in the box. I explained to the gentleman that the morning of the delivery I received word that my father has passed and in my emotional state I simply forgot. He apologized for my loss and told me I’d have a fresh gallon delivered the next morning. Nothing too special about this but the ease and willingness to help was greatly appreciated. What really got me was opening the mail to find a personalized sympathy card from the company expressing condolence for my loss. It brought me to tears that the gentleman on the other end of my call really listened and cared enough to do that. What a great company and a great employee. I can’t recommend this company enough!

Kara left us a message on Facebook:

Jason and I just started ordering milk, bread, eggs, etc. delivery from Royal Crest (a local business). The dairy is fresh and so delicious, we got our first full order delivered at home this morning and I’m so excited!

Steve from Monument gave us 5 stars on Yelp:

Excellent service, great product, nice people. Not much else to say; glad I have them.

Jana from Aurora emailed us:

I wanted to let you know the last time I ordered the lemon cookies I took them to work and everyone loved them and even asked for a recipe. I gave them your website.

Mary from Louisville called us:

She wanted to thank us for sending her a longevity thank you card. (She has been a customer of ours since 1986). She said her parents had service in another state, so the tradition continued. She says it is so convenient, and service is like clockwork.

Joanne from Denver called us:

Joanne began her service when she first moved into her house in 1971. She stated that she doesn’t have a car and she loves our service. She knows the guys check on her two times a week to provide her essentials, and that the office staff has always been pleasurable to speak with.


Royal Crest Dairy reserves the sole right to review, edit and summarize customer feedback based on space availability and content. We very much appreciate you sharing your comments with us.

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