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We've joined Facebook!  Please enjoy a few of the comments we've recently received!

Patricia from Denver emailed us:

"I just want to thank you for the terrific service and variety of products available for delivery through Royal Crest Dairy. You see, the week before Christmas I had an accident and broke my arm. The doctor has me on driving restriction until further notice. Having the ability to purchase a multiple varieyt of food items through Royal Crest is a true blessing as it is not always possible to have someone drive me to the store or pick up items when I would run out. I am so glad to be a current subscriber to your awesome service. Thanks again!"

Paula in Denver liked our figurines she saw with Larry the Dairy Elf:

"Amazing! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to on this snowy morning. Wrapped and decorated so nice!!! Thank you so much for the great customer service throughout the entire year--and then this thoughtful gift. Please with the entire staff a happy holiday from us. We will be putting this out with our holiday decorations each year now. I have mentioned that my husband and I grew up on Royal Crest in the 1950's. We are so lucky to have your local business to still be a part of our weekly routine. Thank you again!"

James in Denver commented:

"Let there be no doubt: **Royal Crest has excellent customer service** It starts with your first meeting, maybe with Yurani, their superb, first contact employee. Ask Yurani about 'Agnes', a vintage milk truck from days gone by. Peruse the Royal Crest menu and imagine delivery right to your front doorstep on a 20 degree morning. You will have fresh milk with your cofee today! Look what else is in your milk box: OJ, eggs, cheese, how about a cheese omelet, or a bagel & cream cheese. Stay in your PJ's, don't wander aorund Kings, reward yourself with Royal Crest home delivery. You deserve it. Enjoy!"

Marina gave us a 5-star review on Facebook:

"Great products and fantastic customer support! Didn't (have) a single problem for the past five years with them."

Doma from Denver left us a message:

"She wanted to thank Royal Crest Dairy for donating to Children's Hospital Colorado as her grandson was seen there early on in life. Doma referred both her daughter and her son.*"

*When customers refer their friends and family, and they sign up with us, Royal Crest donates $25 to Children's Hospital Colorado on their behalf.

Rowen commented on our Facebook page:

"I've been getting Royal Crest deliveries for over forty years. Quality products, and great customer service."

Diana wanted to pass along her compliment:

She wanted me to let our manager and the manager for Wendy, Mike, Madonna, and Ron that our customer service has been OUTSTANDING. She said that some businesses she's talked to before have customer service people who should never be allowed to talk to customers, but our company's representatives are EXEMPLARY. Every single person that she spoke to was professional, helpful and pleasant. Everyone went out of their way to help her find some eggnog.

The Real M in Aurora posted:

"Have been a customer off-and-on since I was a kid (as long as I can remember, maybe 50 yrs). Pay no mind to the whiny entitled hipsters here who pathologically don the "old-timey" pose in their neighborhoods with the milkbox on the stoop, but then come unglued when they are occasional (rare) old-timey hiccups.

What can you say? The milk (et al) is good and it's delivered to your house. No tweed or man-bun required."

Stacy from Colorado Springs gave us a 5-star rating on Facebook:

"We spend $120-$140 a month on items through Royal Crest. We absolutely love the service. It's convenient, ordering is easy, and the products are always fresh. The milk is especially delicious and beats any store-bought milk we've tried. The Christmas card from our delivery driver (Aaron) was such a nice gesture that we really appreciated. Great company!"

Leigh in Colorado Springs gave us 5 stars on Facebook:

"Received our first delivery today...I love the milk, it's fantastic and better on our stomach. We ordered the oatmeal cookie dough, and it is perfect--not too sweet; will definitely order again in the future. Even my experience with customer service this morning was good, the lady (Janel) I spoke with verified and cleared some info up for me. Plan to be a customer for a long time."

Helen from Colorado Springs told us:

Helen called in and spoke with one of our customer service representatives. She wanted us to know that her mother fell in love with our eggnog.

Amy from Lakewood gave our routes department a big kudos:

Amy had stored a piece of lawn furniture in her milk box, which she had forgotten about when she requested getting a new box. Wade and Carlos from our route department dug through all of the returned milk boxes and recovered Amy's missing furniture piece!



Royal Crest Dairy reserves the sole right to review, edit and summarize customer feedback based on space availability and content. We very much appreciate you sharing your comments with us.

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