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We've joined Facebook!  Please enjoy a few of the comments we've recently received!

Jackie from Colorado Springs reviewed us on Facebook:

“We have been with Royal Crest for nearly 4 years now and I can not speak highly enough about them! With 2 address changes in that time as well as various adjustments to our order, they have never failed on delivery or customer service. Once or thrice, I’ve marked the wrong milk line and they have returned to my home to correct my error. And their products..their milk…is A-MAZ-ING! We continually get comments about how good it is when we have company. THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME!!”

Amber from Monument gave us a 5 star rating on Facebook:

“Signed up a month ago. So far so great! Amy was the rep that came out to explain everything to me was very thorough & helpful.”

Shayna from the Longmont Branch shared with us her newest obsession:

“Tis the season for pumpkin spice flavored everything! I’ve ‘Fall-en’ in love with @royalcrestdairy Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog. You can catch me by the fire this weekend with this in my cup!”

Linda from Leawood gave one of our sales staff a really nice compliment:

“I want to recognize one of your sales staff who went above & beyond. On Thurs, 8/31, we were helping my daughter move into a rental house on Grant at Asbury. We were trying to get her sofa in the door & we were stuck. Drew was going door-to-door for delivery sign-ups. He stopped & offered to help. He & my husband were finally able to get the couch in the house. We so appreciated his help!”

Susan from Monument wrote us a letter:

“Dear Royal Crest Dairy, I would like to cancel our milk delivery as we are no longer drinking milk to justify a delivery. We enjoyed our 12 years of milk delivery and appreciated the dependability of our drivers in all sorts of weather.

I will continue to recommend your milk delivery to all of our friends and neighbors.”

Stephanie shared with us:

This is 13 month old Liahna Maye playing with the family’s milkbox!
Theo from Colorado Springs shared with us:

He wanted us to know that he is very happy with the product. He said we are a little more expensive, but worth it to give his family quality service and product.

Nancy from Denver shared with us:

She wanted us to know that Cory, her sales representative, was so patient and helpful. She said he was very friendly and really knew his stuff. She was very happy with him and her experience.

Steve from Colorado Springs emailed us:

He emailed us thanking Brenda, our Web Database Coordinator, telling her, “Your customer service is excellent.”

Courtney from Colorado Springs reviewed us on Facebook:

“You guys are absolutely amazing. I called with a special request and it was fulfilled without any issue! Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service and delicious products…”

Linda from Centennial reviewed us on Facebook:

“We never had any problems with deliveries, unless there’s been bad weather or mechanical problems. (Stuff happens) then we get a phone call letting us know the delivery will be late. Once I marked the changes for the wrong date on the card. When I called to find out why I did not get my changes was when I marked the changes for the week previous. They still offered to come later and make a special delivery of the items I need it. Since I was not going to be home, I told him not to worry about it. Been with them for over five years.”

Theo from Colorado Springs shared with us:

He wanted us to know that he is very happy with the product. He said we are a little more expensive, but worth it to give his family quality service and product.

Cyndi from Colorado Springs shared a picture from their company:

This is Cyndi’s grandson showing off his “very favorite drink of all time!” We love to see our product out there, especially when it is from another local Colorado company! We hope you enjoyed National Chocolate Milk Day on September 27th!


Royal Crest Dairy reserves the sole right to review, edit and summarize customer feedback based on space availability and content. We very much appreciate you sharing your comments with us.

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