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1. What do cows get when they are sick?
2. How do bulls drive cards?
3. What did the cow say when he hears a moo?
4. What do cows fly to the moon?
5. Why was the cow afraid?
6. What do you call a cow taking a nap?
7. How did the farmer find his lost cow?
8. What has four legs and says “boo”?
9. What games do cows play at their parties?
10. What goes around a cow but never moves?





1. Hay fever! 2. They steer them! 3. I was just about the say the same thing!
4. Heli-cow-pters and Bull-oons! 5. He was a cow-herd! 6. A bull-dozer! 7. He tractor down!
8. A cow with a cold! 9. Mooooosical chairs! 10. A fence!

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