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Udderly Funny

  1. What do you call a cow and a poodle mixed?
  2. What did the mime cow say?
  3. What did the cow say when it saw the farmer twice in one day?
  4. Why did the cow cross the road?
  5. What game did they play at the cow's birthday?
  6. Holiday Spirit

  7. What do you call a cow on Christmas?
  8. What do you get from a cow at the North Pole?
  9. Why did the Christmas tree go to the barber?
  10. What do snowmen like to eat for breakfast?
  11. What can you get if you eat Christmas decorations?





1. A cowpoo. 2. Udderly nothing! 3. "Deja-moo!" 4. It was the chicken's day off! 5. Moo-sical chairs. 6. Santa cows! 7. Ice cream. 8. It needed to be trimmed. 9. Frosted flakes! 10. Tinselitus.

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