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We've joined Facebook!  Please enjoy a few of the comments we've recently received!

Chris gave us a 5-star review on Facebook:

“We’ve been getting our milk, half & half, and eggs from Royal Crest for a few years and we absolutelylove it! The milk is delicious, healthy, and they deliver consistently – rain or shine. Most impressively, we recently had a couple of bottles of milk spoil a little early. We contacted Royal Crest about it and they handled it beautifully. They worked to find the problem and credited us on the spoiled milk the next day. You can’t do better than that. Grateful to have such a great dairy in our area!”

Bebe gave us a 5-star review on Facebook:

“I’ve had Royal Crest service for several years now. In all that time, I had 1 delivery issue that was quickly fixed. When we had a fire last summer and had to put our deliveries on hold, it was handled quickly and with sympathy. We even received a card sending sympathy and wishing us a quick return. They called during our time out of the house to check on us and immediately restarted our service when we moved back in. Now we have sold our house and we are moving on. We wish we could take you with us. Your products are the best and service is second to none. Thank you. Cora”

Chris from Loveland emailed us:

“Just wanted to follow up and say thank you!! Yesterday I sent an email about some spoiled milk we've had recently. We really appreciated the clarification calls, the credits on the bad milk, and the explanation of what may have happened. Things just go wrong sometimes - it's how we handle it that matters, and a whole lot of companies could learn a lot from you about how to handle customer service! Thanks for the great products and the great service!”

Danielle shared a picture of her son and the paper milk truck we sent him:

“My son had the truck made before he even ate breakfast!”

Georgina gave us a 5-star review on Facebook:

“Fantastic company! The products are high quality, and the service is exceptional. Although it costs more, you actually save money In the long run by not going to the grocery store as often. Once you drink Royal Crest Dairy milk, you realize what milk is supposed to taste like. Their eggs are amazing too. The chocolate milk in the best I’ve ever had. Can’t say enough good about them!”

Michael from Broomfield gave us a 4-star review on Yelp:

“After seeing all the negative customer service reviews, I felt compelled to write my experience with them. My experience has been really good overall. We've been using Royal Crest for about three and a half years now and they've been really nice and courteous. The drivers literally run up to my door before sunrise which is a little weird, but I get it, they're in a hurry. It was kind of funny at first watching a dude with a flashlight on his head run up to my porch through my Ring doorbell.

I've called in and complained about the occasional broken egg, about the milk container having a leak, or even scenarios where I've forgotten the stuff outside in 100 degree weather. The always worked with me and helped me out. I never felt screwed over. I've called in several times over the course of these three years changing my minimum order rather than spending time each week or month adjusting the order to my needs. I just call them here and there changing the minimum order so it's kind of more automated for me.

I like the product, I like the customer service…the service could use some 'modernization', it is very 2005 feeling. It's 2018, I think an update to their service, website, more product, and maybe even a smart phone app would do a lot for the company.*

4 stars simply due to the fact that they're living in the past and won't update. But still a solid recommendation if you ask me.”

*We are very excited to share that some “modernization” is coming! Keep an on our website over the next couple of months as it will be getting a face lift, including becoming mobile friendly!

Lynne from Bennett gave us a 5-star review on Yelp:

“I moved into my house almost 23 years ago and shortly after a representative from Royal Crest showed up. I loved the idea of home delivery since milk is heavy and just one more bag to carry in after shopping! Plus, I knew it would be high quality and I also love supporting small businesses. After all these years, I wouldn't know what to do without this service. The milk is delicious. So is the butter. I also regularly order cottage cheese, cream cheese, eggs, and of course, the cookie dough! It's scrumptious and convenient - make one cookie, or two dozen. If I've been too busy to get to the store, I will also order bread or bagels. As far as invoices go, I've had maybe one or two corrections needing to be made in over 20 years. Not a bad record! Denver is one of the few cities left in the US that has home milk delivery. Take advantage of it. It's awesome!”

Madysin from Brighton gave us a 5-star review on Yelp:

“I have been using these guys for years as we get our milk delivered right to my front door, and I am always amazed how you guys can keep going regardless of the outdoor condition. Thank you for the years of service, and not missing a day."

Jonathan from Castle Rock gave us a 5-star review on Yelp:

"I had been contemplating signing up for Royal Crest awhile back but never bothered. I wasn't sure if just the nostalgia of home milk delivery was really all that I was looking for. I remember the milkman making his rounds in my neighborhood when I was growing up. Then at a local home show we saw their display, spoke toa rep, tried their milk and were sold. Nostalgia aside, their milk is awesome, and their holiday eggnog may be the best I've ever had! So far we couldn't be more pleased! I'm not sure what the customer service complaints are all about. I did find one error on my first invoice. I called them and got an immediate answer to my call. They politely corrected the error and apologized. When my truck driver ran out of eggnog, they called and offered a separate delivery if we still wanted some!"

Kaleigh from Commerce City gave us a 5-star review on Yelp:

"We've had them for two years, and I have no complaints. Great milk, great service! We get their whole milk and occasionally get the 'royal rich.' It's so delicious!!"

James from Denver gave us a 5-star review on Yelp:

“Let there be no doubt:

**Royal Crest has excellent customer service**

It starts with your first meeting, maybe with Yurani, their superb, first contact employee. Ask Yurani about "Agnes", a vintage milk truck from days gone by. Peruse the Royal Crest menu and imagine delivery right to your front doorstep on a 20 degree morning. You will have fresh milk with your coffee today! Look what else is in your milk box: OJ, eggs, cheese, how about a cheese omelet, or a bagel & cream cheese. Stay in your PJ's, don't wander around Kings, reward yourself with Royal Crest home delivery. You deserve it. Enjoy!!”

Bonnie from Colorado Springs wrote us a sweet, handwritten letter:

“Hello. Thank you for sending me a welcome to the neighborhood letter. I am writing to let you know that I have been using/buying your milk EXCLUSIVELY for 40+ years now. (I have bragged/recommended your milk to everyone.) I had delivery service while my children were young. Now I go to the store.* I will not, have not used/bought any other brand since I ‘discovered’ your product. I also enjoy your egg nog. Thank you for many years of deliciousness! Bonnie”

*You can also buy our milk at various stores, such as Sprouts and Alta Convenient Stores.

Kat gave us a 5-star rating on Facebook:

"The products and service from Royal Crest Dairy are fantastic."

Amy from Colorado Springs told us:

"Royal Crest's customer service is amazing!"

Michael from Longmont complimented our salesperson Zach:

He told us that his rep was very helpful and knowledgeable of the product and service, and wanted to let Zach know he appreciated it.

Jennifer in Colorado Springs shared a moment with us:

One of our customer service representatives, Linda, had spoken earlier with Jennifer and, finding out that Jennifer was expecting, sent her a congratulations card. After receiving the card, Jennifer called back in to say thank you. She was having an awful day, but when she opened Linda’s card she started crying because she was so happy.

Joseph from Denver shared with us:

They, Joseph and his wife--Keri, love the service. He said "the quality is always great and always consistent." He commented that "the driver is always good and on time, and is careful with the product at the box." Joseph was pleased that the bread is always on top and never squished!


Royal Crest Dairy reserves the sole right to review, edit and summarize customer feedback based on space availability and content. We very much appreciate you sharing your comments with us.

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